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Mon nom est Kevin Lemaire,  je me considère chanceux de pouvoir partager ma vision du monde avec vous aujourd'hui. J'ai toujours eu la passion des arts visuels au cours de mes voyages à travers le monde  

Je suis installé dans la région de Mont-Tremblant et je suis disponible pour des mandats à travers le Canada.

I am currently located in the Mont-Tremblant area and available to work all around Canada .

In a world of constant movement where everything seems to go so fast, we often find ourselves caught in the ideas of faster and better. As engrossed as we are with the concept of success, each of us remains unique and pushes to evolve in their own personal way. I consider myself lucky for this opportunity to share a little bit of my vision of the world with you. My project consists of an exploration of the lives of the wealthiest and that of the poorest, a peek at the melancholy and joy that lay within us all.I would more than happy to produce an invoice for one of your special moment, because we’re all pretty awesome...





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